Success in the vacation rental business relies on many factors, but none more important than making the rent payment process fast, easy & convenient – for both you and your guest!

Accepting Credit/Debit Cards will:

  • Define you as a legitimate vacation rental business!
  • Help secure damage control!
  • Increase occupancy!
  • Expedite the rental payment process!

How To Get Started

We have a simple 3 step process to find out how you can start accepting credit cards for your rental properties.

Step 1. Fill out your contact info.

Step 2. One of our experienced eReservation Reps will call you back.

Step 3. We help you through the application process to begin accepting credit cards!

Testimonials from some of eReservation Solutions VRO’s

Getting set up with a Merchant Account to accept credit cards through eReservation Solutions has increased my bookings while simplifying my life. Working with the team at eReservation Solutions to set up my Merchant Account initially was exceptionally easy; with quick response, helpful emails, and strong customer service. Within days I was up and running to accept credit cards and since then most of my guests choose this option of payment. It’s convenient for my guests and I love not having to wait for the check to come in the mail or driving to the bank to make deposits.

I have had numerous situations where I responded to an inquiry at night, and woke up in the morning to a booking. It has been particularly valuable for last minute bookings, where I can get the transaction approved within minutes. I typically see my funds deposited in my bank account in 2-3 business days because everything is secure, electronic and convenient. I’ve also simplified my security deposit process by using the credit card authorization option to hold funds a week prior to check-in; I don’t have to collect or refund security checks, since now I can just void the authorization after a satisfactory checkout. eReservation Solutions service has been crucial to the growth of my vacation rental business over the last six months, and every aspect of their service has been excellent.

Carol Rowland

My vacation condo rental income jumped once my customers could instantly book their vacation with a credit card. No more “checks in the mail” that never arrive. The high monthly fees of the first company I used were a bad match for the seasonal nature of my business. eReservation Solutions was the solution. I thought the switchover was going to be complicated. It wasn’t. Yolanda, my customer service rep, walked me through it.

Bob Kramer

eReservation Solutions provides an excellent merchant solution for our property owners payment needs. Their customer service is excellent and they provide a great service to our clients. I would recommend any business to use eReservation Solutions for their needs.

Jeremy Blackburn
Corporate Housing by Owner

I wanted to thank eReservation Solutions for the great service you have given me over the years. I have had several businesses and many merchant accounts. eReservation Solutions by far is the best. With multiple vacation rentals I could never run such a great business without eReservation Solutions. Your company knows vacation rentals and what we need. From the best rates I have ever seen, great customer service and flawless processing every time I use my account, your company and staff are the best.
Another great thing with eReservation Solutions is there are no surprises. The rates are disclosed and no “hidden” fees.

Keep up the great work and you have me as a customer for life!

Joe Godar