eReservation Solutions rent payment processing solution includes:

  • Standard Card Discount Rate & Per Transaction Fee of 1.95% + $0.30
  • Rewards/Business Card Discount Rate & Per Transaction Fee of 2.65% + $0.30
  • Corp./Gov./Intl./No AVS Rate & Per Transaction Fee of 2.95% + $0.30
  • Monthly Service/Statement Fee of $6.00
  • Monthly Gateway Access Fee of $6.00
  • Gateway Per Transaction Fee of $0.30
  • 24-hour Application Approval
  • Award Winning Customer Support
  • Next Day Funding! **Subject to credit approval

eReservation Solutions rent payment processing solution does not include Industry Standard fees such as:

  • Application Fee (Industry Standard $99 – $150)
  • PCI Compliance Fee (Industry Standard $79 – $150 Annually)
  • Monthly Minimum (Industry Standard $25)
  • Annual Fee (Industry Standard $99)
  • Gateway License Fee (Industry Standard $99)

**eReservation Solutions is a subsidiary of eComMerchantSolutions, Inc.

Why use eReservation Solutions for your Vacation Rental Payment Processing?

eReservation Solutions’ parent company, eComMerchantSolutions, Inc. (eCMS), was founded by Kristie Kliese, President/CEO, who is also a 10+ year veteran Vacation Rental Owner (VRO).

After speaking with other VRO’s & management companies, and frequenting several VRO forums, she quickly discovered that a large number of VRO’s and managers were dissatisfied with the payment processors they were using. Some had issues with the term contracts, termination fees and costs, but the biggest complaint, was the poor service and length of time it took to receive the funds after the rent payment transaction takes place.

Kristie listened and took action, combining her nearly 20 years of experience in payment processing and her 10+ years of experience as a VRO, she created eReservation Solutions, the rent payment processing solution designed to fit the needs and seasonal nature of the vacation rental industry.

Kristie and the eReservation Solutions team are committed to:

Providing Excellent Customer Service

It’s our #1 priority! This may sound cliché, but our numerous customer service awards, customer retention, and customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Giving Straghtforward, Reliable Information

We believe that providing straightforward, reliable information is fundamental in achieving customer loyalty and long-term, mutually successful relationships with our valued VRO’s & management companies.

Being The Experts in Rent Payment Processing for VRO’s & Management Companies by Providing Payment Processing Solutions in Ecommerce, Point Of Sale & Mobile

Being the experts means we understand the needs and seasonal nature of the Vacation Rental industry.

No “Term Contracts” and No “Closure Fees”

This is our way of saying that we promise to provide the highest level of customer support to each and every one of our valued merchants, no matter the size, and that we gladly and confidently stand behind that promise!